Clean Water

Water is Life a phrase often repeated by community leaders throughout Kenya. Sadly, the only consistently reliable water source is 300ft down through volcanic rock. Thus, people travel on foot several kilometers to collect water. Unfortunately, they make the tragic choice to get water for domestic uses from closer disease-ridden ponds and rivers. The result is sickness and death—especially among young children.

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Education Opportunities

Education is a key element for empowering the children of Kenya with hope for the future. Many children are not able to attend school due a lack of financial resources. SOHI has created the Educational Sponsorship Program. The sponsorships are child-specific with donations given monthly. Funds pay for uniforms, fees and other necessities that allow children to attend school. School facilities and teaching materials are sorely underfunded limiting resources for quality education. . .

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Economic Empowerment

Average family income is less than $1 per day and unemployment hovers at 95% in this rural region of Kenya. Add to this, seasonal flooding, heavy rains, and droughts that devastate subsistence farms. The result is a situation where the people literally struggle to survive. SOHI Partners with the community to enable farmers to transform their farms to year-round crop production as well as supporting the startup of entrepreneurial business.…

Spiritual Development

Jesus Christ is the answer to finding Hope for today and for Eternity. He is the reason that we do what we do. SOHI is a Christian-based non-profit that shares the love of Christ by working to empower and assist individual and community transformation for the people of the Karachuonyo region to a better way of life physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. . .

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Spring of Hope International – established 2008

Every project SOHI works on empowers and helps improve living conditions for Kenyans and promotes Christian spiritual growth among the poorest-of the-poor in rural Kenya.

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