2016 – A Year In Review


…for 2016. God has richly blessed SOHI’s work in the poverty stricken Karachuonyo region of rural Kenya! This newsletter highlights many initiatives underway and progress being made. This year alone the region we serve has quadrupled. Now, an estimated 40,000 people benefit from the work of this ministry. God is clearly moving and causing lives to be changed for the better. We want to thank all of you who are upholding this work in prayer and supporting SOHI financially.

As 2016 comes to a close, we ask you to prayerfully consider continuing or increasing your support. Funding is the major limiting factor in SOHI’s impact in Kenya.

Four Focus Areas

Holistic Community Transformation

SOHI addresses four synergistic focus areas to ensure development efforts empower all facets of life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. We have identified Clean Water (sanitation), Education, Economic, and Spiritual Development as the four legs of the table that, if addressed in concert, will break the cycle of poverty.

Clean Water — the Essence of Life

Since SOHI’s inception in 2004 significant progress has been made toward improving access to clean water. SOHI has partnered with the community toward this end including:

  • 4 roof catchment systems installed in schools and clinics
  • 8 non-operational boreholes were rehabilitated
  • 2 new wells were drilled.

Each new well is estimated to provide clean water for 400 individuals. Consequently, 4,000+ people have

benefitted from these new sources of clean water. Through a few very generous contributions in 2016, SOHI has

undertaken establishment of 11 new water sources!

  • 6 previously non-operational boreholes rehabilitated
  • 5 new wells are in the process of being drilled.

Life-giving clean water for 4,400 people in just one year! This is fantastic progress and the communities are so thankful. However,

much more remains to be done. We estimate that only 50% of the people have access to clean water within a 1 km walking distance. Might this be an area that you want to contribute to keep the momentum of progress going?

Community Development Trip

Inspires Youth and Leaders

In October, SOHI took a team of 19 to the region where three separate

events took place: The first was three days of Youth Encounter at 14 secondary schools in both large and small group

sessions. Topics: hope for the Future in Jesus, planning for the future, and day-to-day struggles (their struggles amazingly similar to

our youth). Dozens of teens gave their lives to Christ. Second was a two-day Leadership

Seminar targeted at government, school, business, and church. The objective was to provide Christ-

based leadership training for key community leaders. The response of the 450 community leaders present

was resoundingly positive. The third event was a full on evangelistic outreach. The response

of the 5000+ attendees was jubilant: people healed, tormenting spirits cast out, and over 1000

people coming to saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. A final meeting with local pastors resulted in their commitment to

follow up and minister to the youth at the schools and disciple the new converts in Christ.

Pastor Training

Most pastors in this region do not have formal biblical training. In 2013, SOHI began a program for in depth biblical training. We are proud to announce the first group of 20 graduated in October. Even better, a new group of pastors has been selected to start training. Funding constraints restrict us to 30 for now. Please pray for God’s strength, wisdom, and stamina as these individuals dedicate a great deal of time to study while leading a church and farming to survive.

Education Opportunities

Pssst…there is now a LIBRARY in Adiedo. Contact SOHI (David Opap) for more info on this or any other questions: (509) 327-0134