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SOHI FLASH September 2014

CRUSADE, LEADERSHIP SEMINAR, and BIBLES It’s that time again! SOHI is getting ready to send another team to Kenya, and we know God is going to do big things! This trip has a lot of exciting things in store, including vising some of SOHI’s ongoing projects, a Prayer Walk around the community, and ministries in […]

5th Annual 2014 SPOKENYA Run/Walk SUCESS!

The 5th Annual SpoKenya Run/ Walk was quite eventful: 6 ParaSport Athletes, racing wheelchairs, participated. 13 teens started their 30HourFamine (Ben and Jerry’s gave them coupons to use after their fast). A big surprise at the finish line… WOW who knew what awaited Lizza at the finish line……Greg dropped to one knee and proposed to […]

SpoKenya 2014 IS COMING!

2014 SpoKenya Run / Walk Saturday, July 19, 2014 Desperation defined: living next to a well and not a drop of water to drink. SOHI continues to find and refurbish wells. Hundreds of wells sit unused in disrepair in Kenya. More cost effective than drilling new wells, repairs/renovations will be made on existing wells and […]