SOHI Child Sponsorship

Only $35 A MONTH

Sponsoring a child in Kenya provides basic needs to keep the child in school; including a blanket, shoes, and a uniform. Monthly support also also provides essential ongoing educational costs, as schooling in Kenya is not provided free of charge.

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Young boys of Adiedo Village

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Beautiful Children

Personal Relationship

You will receive updated photos, handwritten notes, and hand made drawings from your child. You will PARTNER WITH YOUR CHILD providing encouragement, not only through monthly support, but through a relationship created through your correspondence. Your encouragement is a gift that changes your child’s life and lasts a lifetime!

Meet Your Sponsor Child

SOHI makes short-term vision trips to Adiedo annually. So, it is possible for you to travel to Kenya and visit your child. This is a unique and interesting opportunity SOHI offers to donors who sponsor children.

Guidelines for Getting to Know Your Child

Spring of Hope International is unique and we want you to focus on your relationship with your child. You have the ability to contact and work more directly with your child’s family. Here are some guidelines for getting to know your child.


  • Pray for your child: their family, their community and their faith. Ask and pray for his/her specific needs. Pray as you would for your own family.


  • Exchange letters! This is how you get to know your child. Simple one page letters are perfect. Enclose a picture—they will be treasured (imagine if you got a picture!!).
  • Be sensitive to standards of dress and modesty that are different than ours. Beach attire, for example is not suitable for photographs.
  • Consider the child’s culture. If your child has few material possessions, it’s best not to write or show pictures of what you own (this emphasizes the differences between us). Rather, share about family, friends, simple things you enjoy doing, especially sports or crafts your child can relate to.
  • Ask your child about favorite foods and activities. Every child has a unique story. Find out about their village and country, the seasons. Every child has a favorite subject and food; they all dream about what they want to do when they are older.
  • Do not ask them if they want or need anything or answer if they request things of you. If you would like to donate in a meaningful way to the family please contact us.
  • It is extremely important that you include the child’s name and sponsor number on all correspondence. Please do not write your personal address on any correspondence.
  • It may take several months to receive a reply—no worries! It’s the geography—10,000 miles away. Keep writing! Younger children cannot write—yet they love to get letters. Also know that Kenyan children are not used to letter writing. It is hard for them to understand the conversational aspect that can happen. Be patient; it’s a process.


  • While it seems small and meaningless to send an extra little gift for your child, it creates a situation of “haves” and have-nots” with the other sponsored children. But, if you would like to contribute beyond the monthly contribution we will do what is best in a given situation.
  • This is best accomplished by emailing Katie Owens: Katie will contact the family or child to find out their exact needs. PLEASE NOTE: most children in Adiedo do not know their own birth day—just the year.
  • You may send a simple flat bookmark, postcard or something similar in correspondence; however, anything of bulk or value will likely be confiscated by customs officials. CAUTION: Never send cash. It is illegal to send cash through the mail in Kenya. If you’d like to give a monetary gift please contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To whom do I make out my check?
    Spring of Hope International
  • Is my donation tax deductable?
    Yes, Spring of Hope International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
  • Do I have to give monthly?
    No, you may give monthly quarterly or annually. Please email us if you have questions ( or instructions other than the standard monthly contribution.
  • May I do direct deposit?
    Please set up direct billing through your bank. You will need our name and address: Spring of Hope International, PO Box 19363, Spokane, WA, 99219.
  • May I send cash?
    No…please do not send cash. Either a check is required or you may go online to our website and pay by credit
  • Where do I send correspondence if I wish to send another letter before getting a return from the child?
    Send Sponsor correspondence to Spring of Hope International, Child Sponsorships, PO Box 19363, Spokane WA 99219. Please include your name, child name and number on all correspondence.
  • Who do I write if I want to give an extra gift?
    Please email us or write to us at Spring of Hope International, PO Box 19363, Spokane, WA, 99219.


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